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Consulting Information

Melissa offers in office and phone consultations for Homeopathy and Flower/Gem/Spirit Essences.

Rates for Homeopathic Consultations:

         First Consultation/work up-$90 (includes most remedies)

         Follow up Consultations-$45 (includes most remedies)

Rates for Flower/Gem/Spirit Essences Consultations:

          First Consultation/work up-$80 (includes essence bottle)

          Follow up Consultations-$40 (includes essence bottle)

Most consults include Shipping & Handling although there may be extra charges for this if there are multiple bottles or other products as well.

Rates for Chakra Tuning fork and other Chakra/Energy balancing work are based on time with the average treatment ranging from $30-$60.

Rates for Chakra/Aura/Organ Energy consults and readings from Biopulsar* will be up next year when I am up and running on this modality.  Stay tuned!

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